Definition of edaphic in English:


Pronunciation /əˈdafik/ /əˈdæfɪk/


  • Of, produced by, or influenced by the soil.

    ‘long-term cultivation may cause near-irreversible edaphic changes’
    • ‘Some plant species are tolerant of edaphic factors in serpentine soils.’
    • ‘Consequently, we would expect that the observed distributions of species reflect both the distributions of key environmental and edaphic influences as well as historic and current disturbance events.’
    • ‘Such environmental and edaphic changes may greatly influence plant growth and survivorship, shaping species composition in the post-harvest community.’
    • ‘The three populations were classified into two edaphic groups according to soil type.’
    • ‘West Indian genotypes are adapted to humid tropical conditions and are hence very cold sensitive but show tolerance of soil salinity and other adverse edaphic conditions.’


Late 19th century coined in German from Greek edaphos ‘floor’+ -ic.