Definition of eddy current in English:

eddy current


  • A localized electric current induced in a conductor by a varying magnetic field.

    ‘When a coil of wire surrounds a ferromagnetic core, like iron, for example, of a transformer, the changing magnetic field induces an eddy current in the core, which happens to be conductive as well.’
    • ‘The heat supply medium includes a metallic body for induction heating, which is provided with a magnetic field to produce an eddy current.’
    • ‘When a conducting metal is introduced into this field, an eddy current is induced in the metal.’
    • ‘The eddy current is generated at the surface of the work-piece (skin effect) and diminishes toward the interior.’
    • ‘Higher resistivity lessens the core loss by reducing the eddy current component.’
    • ‘Because of obsolescence, the eddy current testers, harmonic bond testers, and ultrasonic testers were replaced between fiscal years 2003 and 2004.’
    • ‘Non-destructive testing services also will be available, including eddy current, flux leakage and ultrasonic inspection.’
    • ‘The silicon steels are designed to have lower hysteresis and eddy current losses than plain steel when used in magnetic circuits.’
    • ‘This yields low eddy current losses at high induction levels.’
    • ‘‘The changing magnetic field created by the transient current induces eddy currents in any conductor nearby,’ Daehn explains, adding, ‘These currents have their own magnetic fields.’’
    • ‘Naturally occurring variations in the Earth's magnetic field induce eddy currents in the Earth that are detectable as electric field variations on the surface.’
    • ‘‘Ultrasound and eddy currents can be applied in a very wide range of situations,’ says Harper.’


eddy current

/ˈedē ˈkərənt/ /ˈɛdi ˈkərənt/