Definition of Edenic in English:



  • 1Relating to or characteristic of the garden of Eden.

    ‘the story of the Edenic fall’
    • ‘Such a belief is fundamentally millenarian, informed by an apocalyptic spirit which held out the promise for fallen man of a return to Edenic grace.’
    • ‘The snake is an Edenic symbol of seduction and intrigue.’
    • ‘Satan first scouts the Edenic territory in the shape of a beast and then addresses Eve while inhabiting the body of a serpent, to convince her to disobey God's fiat.’
    • ‘Since these words were spoken by God into an Edenic situation, before the Fall, it is especially hard to imagine any sort of destructive or ruthless implication to them.’
    • ‘She appears at times to channel the original Edenic Eve, but without clear indication as to whether she is more innocent than threatening.’
    1. 1.1Unspoilt and idyllic.
      ‘an Edenic world of economic prosperity’
      • ‘We open with an orchestral prelude presenting the natural world in what seems to be Edenic bliss.’
      • ‘While many of his pictures seem charmingly Edenic, they can also be unsettling for their gruesome violence and sexual undertones.’
      • ‘The novel opens in an Edenic honeymoon scene.’
      • ‘Undaunted by the camera, the people of Bali perform their ceremonies and carry on with their Edenic lives.’
      • ‘I have the tropical Caribbean Sea on my right, the deep Pacific on my left, and Edenic rainforest soaring between the two.’