Definition of Edgar Britt in English:

Edgar Britt


  • 1Australian informal An act of defecating.

    ‘he raced out to the john for an Edgar Britt’
    • ‘I nearly had an 'Edgar Britt' in me shorts when ya jumped out like that.’
    • ‘Those snakes make great pets, just don't feed them till after you are sure they have had an Edgar Britt.’
    • ‘I hope I am not squatting in the scrub having an “Edgar Britt” as you come by.’
    • ‘Dogs after an "Edgar Britt" use that in marking their territory.’
    1. 1.1the Edgar BrittsDiarrhoea.
      ‘it gives you a violent headache and a good dose of the Edgar Britts’
      • ‘'You give me the Edgar Britts, sometimes.'’
      • ‘The POWs sang about how the captors gave them the 'Edgar Britts'.’
      • ‘This is starting to give me the Edgar Britts big time.’
      • ‘I'm stuffed, wake about 2 am and, fair dinkum, I got the best dose of the Edgar Britts I can ever remember.’
      • ‘I don't know where or when it started, but it has given me the Edgar Britts for a long long time.’


1960s rhyming slang for ‘shit’, from the name of the Australian jockey Edgar Britt.


Edgar Britt

/ˌɛdɡə ˈbrɪt/