Definition of edge city in English:

edge city



North American
  • A relatively large urban area situated on the outskirts of a city, typically beside a major road.

    ‘The Internet has changed the nature of technology and affected which areas, urban or suburban, edge city or edgy neighborhood, best promote technological development.’
    • ‘Irvine, California, is the epitome of tightly controlled urban design, a squeaky-clean edge city of office parks and master-planned neighborhoods.’
    • ‘If we ignore that and just concentrate on infill, the edge city will never repair itself.’
    • ‘The latter development has caustically been described as a gated community masquerading as an edge city, and proposes a problematic model for future South African architecture.’
    • ‘The principles could be used to describe an edge city anywhere on earth.’
    • ‘Bush was voted in by the suburbs and edge cities; the big cities have become a taboo in US politics.’
    • ‘It also will present papers on urban sprawl, edge cities, sister-cities, and futuristic speculation about the transformation of the city in the 21st century.’
    • ‘The state of public education, as well as race and class relations in the United States, have pushed many families into the sprawling suburbs and edge cities of North America.’
    • ‘Some of those places are relatively small communities in emerging edge cities, university towns or seacoast enclaves like Nantucket.’
    • ‘It was suburban sprawl that drew Detroit's business and skilled work force to several edge cities.’
    • ‘Australian suburbs have seldom been shaped by quite the same levels of racial fear or adopted exclusionary practices quite as extreme as the edge cities and gated communities of most American cities.’
    • ‘If edge cities are still economic concentrations, even if they are on the outskirts of urban agglomerations, trends in dispersion signify the end of ‘economic centrality’ as large, noncentered subregions are being constituted.’
    • ‘‘There are now 180 edge cities, each of which has more white collar jobs than Memphis,’ Garreau told me last week.’
    • ‘Tyson's Corner was a good idea for its time, one of the first edge cities.’
    • ‘Bingham and Kimble also use cluster analysis to analyze edge cities in Ohio.’


1991 coined by J. Garreau in a book of the same name.