Definition of edge connector in English:

edge connector


  • An electrical connector with a row of contacts, fitted to the edge of a printed circuit board to facilitate connection to external circuits.

    ‘There is a fix for hardware-hitting applications that involves the use of a PCI card with a ribbon cable connecting it to the edge connector on an A1200.’
    • ‘The board takes the signals from the pins of the CPU and carries them (via some support circuitry) to the gold edge connector, and hence to your motherboard.’
    • ‘The edge connector is keyed, so you can't install it the wrong way.’
    • ‘All pots, transformers and circuit board edge connectors mount to an internal subframe assembly.’
    • ‘The power/ground layers on the upper substrate can be connected to the power/ground layers on the lower substrate by suitable edge connectors.’


edge connector

/ej kəˈnektər/ /ɛdʒ kəˈnɛktər/