Definition of edged in English:



  • 1(of an object, area, or surface) having an outside edge or boundary of a specified kind.

    in combination ‘a regular square-edged tile’
    • ‘A sharp-edged, clean cut, massive sculptural monolith is implanted in the middle of a vast piazza.’
    • ‘One set of gardens concerns landforms made from sand, gravel, topsoil and turf sculpted into sharply edged curves.’
    • ‘These bands are framed by an allover layer of another color that is irregularly edged, the color beneath visible, reminiscent of Rothko's floating islands of color.’
    • ‘The puzzle shapes fill about half the canvas; they are opposed by an irregularly edged area of olive green populated by vertical bands.’
    • ‘With this he created volumetric objects that contrast ribbed and edged forms with smoother and more fluid areas.’
    • ‘Robustness is expressed with large glazing sections, and refinement through the choice of materials; mullions set in front of leather-clad columns and sharp-edged unbroken ceilings.’
    • ‘The tire of the wheel was hollowed out to fit the projecting curve of the edged rail.’
    • ‘The sea erodes everything, washes it smooth and round-edged.’
    • ‘He drew her attention to a rough-edged hole that had been dug into the floor.’
    • ‘On the north side facing the courtyard the pediment was straight-edged, its two fellows to east and west were curved.’
  • 2(of an implement or weapon) having a sharpened blade for cutting.

    ‘edged tools used by carpenters’
    in combination ‘a single-edged razor blade’
    • ‘After this powerful display of sharp-edged swords, the choreographed mock fight presented by the dancers appeared a little bit lacklustre.’
    • ‘In the United States, the history of presentation edged weapons goes back to the days of the American War of Independence.’
    • ‘Do not attempt to sharpen serrated-edged knives.’
    • ‘Knives covers the full range of knives and edged tools used by soldiers in the field.’
    • ‘One grabbed the victim by the chest, while another pulled out a flat-edged knife and held it against his neck.’
    • ‘A person attempted to rob a man with an "edged weapon" like a knife, but ran from the scene after being confronted by a security guard.’
    • ‘Compared to any other edged tool in your house, your lawn mower's blade lives a pretty grueling life.’
    • ‘The earliest military edged weapons were probably stone daggers.’
    • ‘As Kannon in Japan, the Goddess is often shown holding a two-edged sword and riding a dragon.’
    • ‘He combed antique markets and put together a collection of swords and other edged weapons that was completely sold out at auction.’