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‘Weed trimmers, lawn edgers and those things I hate the most - leaf blowers - have become staples in many Canadian garages.’
  • ‘Whenever I visited, he showed off his project for the week, such as an old lawn edger rescued from the neighbor's trash.’
  • ‘Smaller cultivars can be used as edgers and foreground plants, while the larger daylily cultivars can be used in background plantings, as accents, or in front of tall hardscape elements such as fences and decks.’
  • ‘Newer edgers do not use patterns; instead, the shape is determined by a probe that measures the frame and stores the information in a computer, which in turn controls the edging operation.’
  • ‘They're also great edgers for a traditional mixed border or to give a cutting border a finished appearance, and they thrive in containers.’



/ˈejər/ /ˈɛdʒər/