Definition of editable in English:



  • (of text or software) in a format that can be edited by the user.

    ‘the program will read an incoming fax and convert it into editable text’
    • ‘Incoming Photoshop files come with layers intact, including editable text and effects layers, so there are no worries about losing the ability to go back and make changes.’
    • ‘Likewise, exported Fireworks files opened in Photoshop retain editable text, effects, layers and masks.’
    • ‘While it would be nice to be able to bring PSD files into Illustrator with editable text, this feature is quite useful all the same.’
    • ‘A website administrator will configure editable areas in web pages, so that a user can only edit certain areas of the site, such as particular areas of text content and certain images.’
    • ‘Having editable pages means that people can sign up themselves.’
    • ‘But when you download the images they are not editable because if they are in jpg or gif format, you can't make changes.’
    • ‘I've a feeling document management could get difficult with many files, and I'd like to see templates being editable outside the text form, but both of these are easily added features; the foundations seem sound.’
    • ‘Notably, version 6.0 now supports editable vector drawing of shapes and text with resolution-independent output.’
    • ‘To make the video editable, it will be distributed as an MPEG - 4 datastream.’
    • ‘This alleviates the stress of keeping separate editable vector files for your images and offers unlimited access to make changes to the image.’
    • ‘The greatest part of this is that the type is still fully editable in the original file.’
    • ‘PowerPoint files are editable by anyone else who has PowerPoint installed on their machine.’



/ˈedədəb(ə)l/ /ˈɛdədəb(ə)l/