Definition of editio princeps in English:

editio princeps

nounplural noun editiones principes/eˌditēˈōnēs ˈpriNGkəˌpez/ /iˌdiSHēˈōnēz ˈprinsəˌpēz/

  • The first printed edition of a book.

    ‘The Establishment went on from six official volumes of editio princeps to some 26, that's because they were now under the pressure.’
    • ‘The press was the first to print extensively in Greek, mostly editiones principes edited by scholars such as Marcus Musurus, Angelo Poliziano, Marsilio Ficino, and Aldus himself.’
    • ‘George Wheler saw the block reused in a Turk's house located on the right side of the road on the way to Sikyon, ‘a little way out of the Town [Corinth]’; he copied the text in 1676 and published the editio princeps in 1682.’
    • ‘The work's popularity (not to mention notoriety) was quickly established, and the editio princeps was followed by a succession of Italian editions.’
    • ‘The new evidence from Thebes has been subject to very dubious interpretations in the editio princeps.’


editio princeps

/āˌdidēō ˈpriNGˌkeps/ /eɪˌdɪdioʊ ˈprɪŋˌkɛps/ /iˌdiSH(ē)ō ˈprinˌseps/ /ɪˌdɪʃ(i)oʊ ˈprɪnˌsɛps/


Latin, from editio(n-) ‘edition’ and princeps ‘chief, leader’ (from primus ‘first’).