Definition of editorialist in English:



See editorial

  • ‘Newspaper reporters, editorialists, letter writers and popular authors used the Ruth Snyder case to argue that women in the 1920s were threatening patriarchal centers of power, namely the family and state.’
  • ‘Lastly, the discussion over individual quotas has thus far been confined to academic circles, government officials, those who speak on behalf of the fishing industry, and certain newspaper columnists and editorialists.’
  • ‘By contrast, several newspaper editorialists and columnists criticized the government for acting precipitously.’
  • ‘No editorialist at a major newspaper or television news commentator has even hinted at moral qualms over the American onslaught.’
  • ‘Our college professors, newspaper editorialists, and television commentators have never sought to teach us about the way the United States sets conditions of trade so that Third World countries end up being further impoverished.’