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  • 1Having been educated.

    • ‘a Harvard-educated lawyer’
    1. 1.1Resulting from or having had a good education.
      ‘educated tastes’
      • ‘This time his tongue tickled a greater variety of refined, abstract words from his mouth, while speaking in an educated, urbane manner.’
      • ‘By informing women about these possible effects, then women will be able to make an educated and informed decision concerning their choice regarding the use of the pill or patch.’
      • ‘It's understood as a mark of educated cultivation, not wilful indulgence or evasion.’
      • ‘By using this guide, students can grasp an understanding of the complexity of professional nursing today and use this information to make an educated decision.’
      • ‘Does the unit know or have they provided all the necessary information to make a truly informed / educated risk decision?’
      • ‘He spits truth, struggle and pain but in such an educated and wisely put manner.’
      • ‘The organisers stalwartly voiced their blunt, yet highly educated opinions in the ever-present media.’
      • ‘Having numerous perspectives from informed members of the community will allow for an educated dialogue and, ultimately, a judicious decision.’
      • ‘An educated choice requires the following information to help parents take responsibility for their own child's health care.’
      • ‘In their discussion of the debate they provide what women to date have sadly lacked, the information with which to make educated decisions for themselves.’
      • ‘We are not endorsing any one brand of wax, but hope this information can help you make an educated decision in choosing a wax.’
      • ‘The patient must be given enough information to allow for an educated and reasoned healthcare decision.’
      • ‘Armed with information you can make educated choices about how to make your home, car, office and community healthier.’
      • ‘If you don't understand that, chances are you are not operating from a viewpoint educated on the subject.’
      • ‘Understanding the characteristics of suture materials is important to make an educated selection.’
      • ‘I have the finest educated palate for a decent cup of tea and a well textured scone.’
      • ‘We are among the finest educated, creative and talented people in the world and yet we have the second highest rate of suicide globally - especially among young boys and men.’
      • ‘However, the study found that in many cases persons from outside a village have been selected as teachers despite educated and willing persons available in the village.’
      • ‘The Canadian consensus consists of those views that sensitive, educated people assume will be held by other sensitive, educated people.’
      • ‘His correspondence reveals a sensitive, educated man living a provincial semi-rural life.’
      informed, literate, schooled, tutored, well informed, well read, learned, knowledgeable, intellectually aware, enlightened, discerning, discriminating
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/ˈejəˌkādəd/ /ˈɛdʒəˌkeɪdəd/