Definition of educated guess in English:

educated guess


  • A guess based on knowledge and experience and therefore likely to be correct.

    ‘a prognosis can necessarily be only an educated guess’
    • ‘In one case, at the very least, it is clear that Lapham was providing an educated guess based upon the size of the trees and his knowledge of tree growth patterns.’
    • ‘Although no one can describe this church with certainty, it is possible to make some educated guesses based on what we have seen in the latter part of the 1990s.’
    • ‘I'm just making educated guesses, based on what's reported in the media and my own sense of the situation.’
    • ‘My knee-jerk reaction, based on the views of people whom I generally trust, is to support him, but that really is just an educated guess, not real knowledge.’
    • ‘We can make an educated guess based on when the street was first built, but we never really know what we're going to find.’
    • ‘The doctor said that if he had to make an educated guess based on the heartbeat, he would bet that it is a girl.’
    • ‘All we can do is make a few educated guesses based on the usual post-game spin sessions.’
    • ‘Hopefully, the reader of this review knows more-or-less to which camp he or she belongs, and can therefore make an educated guess as to whether this book will fit one's tastes.’
    • ‘They are tuned by the operator based on an educated guess.’
    • ‘What we heard sounded to me like mortars, though that's an educated guess.’
    • ‘One could perhaps, based on knowledge of Egyptian politics, make an educated guess about the flooding level.’
    • ‘At the time, I couldn't tell if they were speaking from private knowledge or just making an educated guess about how things might turn out.’
    • ‘As far as he was concerned Smith was only making an educated guess because it couldn't be based on any other information.’
    • ‘I merely made an educated guess as to who I believe the president is likely to choose.’
    • ‘Because all those financial valuation methods are only educated guesses, we cannot rely on any one.’
    • ‘When studies are launched, researchers make educated guesses about what they expect to find.’
    • ‘Traditional retailers sought to adjust the supply of products at their stores to match customer demand by having experienced buyers make good, educated guesses about consumers' preferences.’
    • ‘Only this time, I was much more experienced, so I was able to make educated guesses.’
    • ‘It's partly a matter of having access to the right information, and enough of it to make an educated guess of how the world's markets are likely to perform over the next several weeks or months.’
    • ‘Each spring brings whispered theories, educated guesses and, sometimes, rank speculation about whether one or more of the nine Supreme Court justices will call it quits.’
    rough calculation, approximation, estimation, educated guess, informed guess, rough guess, impression