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educational psychology

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  • A branch of psychology that studies children in an educational setting and is concerned with teaching and learning methods, cognitive development, and aptitude assessment.

    ‘Textbooks on child development and educational psychology often take Piaget as the starting point for discussing cognitive development.’
    • ‘The intervention uses strategies from three disciplines: brain injury rehabilitation, special education and educational psychology, and clinical psychology.’
    • ‘It requires much stronger financial and policy support for applied research in education, school psychology and educational psychology.’
    • ‘This film is an excellent resource for introductory courses on human development and educational psychology.’
    • ‘While in the field of educational psychology, empirical studies of primary and secondary school students have shown that effort is a key indicator of academic outcomes, these samples usually contain students at two extremes.’
    • ‘Second, the increased use is concentrated more in applied and educational psychology (especially counselling psychology) than in other domains of psychology.’
    • ‘Familiar with developmental and educational psychology and developmental neurobiology, the therapist makes this specialized knowledge intelligible to children, families, and teachers.’
    • ‘She received her bachelor's from Trinity University in San Antonio and a master's in developmental educational psychology from Louisiana State University.’
    • ‘I have spoken with colleagues from school, developmental, child and educational psychology, as well as with leaders in other disciplines.’
    • ‘In developmental and educational psychology, for instance, we haven't done this well.’
    • ‘Fellow status is awarded to individuals who have demonstrated outstanding performance in psychology and whose work has had a national impact in educational psychology.’
    • ‘Part of a series on the application of educational psychology to the classroom, this book discusses problem-based learning and how to implement it in the classroom.’
    • ‘She also teaches educational psychology and second language and literacy development at San Jose State University.’
    • ‘While he doesn't consider himself a psychologist, he has actively promoted issues important to educational psychology.’
    • ‘But the reality is that schools and teachers have to have some skills in educational psychology and they must be able to help develop their students socially.’
    • ‘Among these were congresses devoted to educational psychology, experimental psychology, and rational psychology.’
    • ‘Perhaps as educational psychology became more integrated into teacher training and incorporated more complex models of human learning this was reflected in the themes emphasized in teaching books.’