Definition of educationese in English:



  • Jargon used by people involved in the field of education.

    • ‘the document is filled with educationese’
    • ‘The test would be laughed out of the public education realm as hooey but survives in the corporate realm because businesses don't speak educationese and do not know they're being hoodwinked.’
    • ‘In educationese, these are called "catchment districts", a phrase that resonates of something involving a sewer system.’
    • ‘Now, with the teacher training industry uncommonly influential, the vast menu of educationese has oozed into the classrooms.’
    • ‘Schools communicate in educationese or fail to recognize that a newsletter in English will not work for a parent who speaks Vietnamese.’
    • ‘Educationese for Beginners is part of the information and resources available on our information pages!’
    • ‘At the school, steps have been taken to ease the difficulty in understanding the educationese that board members and others often have to sift through.’
    • ‘While we try to use educationese as little as possible in our stories, it's critical for us to understand to do our jobs.’
    • ‘They could argue that he cannot offer intellectual ideas on the matter because he is an educationist who speaks educationese.’
    • ‘Our report wended its way in educationese through various uncontroversial themes, as is typical of all educational curricular reports.’



/ˌejəˌkāSH(ə)nˈēz/ /ˌɛdʒəˌkeɪʃ(ə)nˈiz/