Definition of eel-like in English:



See eel

  • ‘The most primitive craniates we know are the living Myxinoidea (hagfishes): eel-like, rather asymmetric creatures with a strong propensity to flood their immediate neighborhood with slime at the slightest provocation.’
  • ‘They are represented now only by the lampreys, eel-like forms that are parasites on fish, and the hagfish, also eel-like but feeding on dead or dying animals.’
  • ‘As a result, we may suspect that some tended toward an eel-like style of swimming or an undulating, almost legless type of locomotion on land.’
  • ‘Every time it went by I could clearly see its huge gills and two eel-like shapes by the anal fins - they looked like the remora sucker fish that often attach themselves to sharks.’
  • ‘A feature that has evolved multiple times in different lineages of fish is the eel-like body plan: elongated body, with reduced fins.’