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  • In a strange and frightening manner.

    ‘their footsteps echoed eerily’
    • ‘the streets are eerily quiet’
    • ‘He defied the wishes of his family concerning his career in a manner eerily prophetic of his son.’
    • ‘He plays a talented sculptor who has made a living making his wax creations look eerily lifelike.’
    • ‘Attempting to convey an epic feel on a low budget, the movie introduces us to an amnesiac protagonist who wakes up to an eerily empty London.’
    • ‘If the above description sounds eerily familiar, it should.’
    • ‘In front of him stood a masked man clutching a knife in one hand, grinning eerily at him.’
    • ‘And the rain hammered the villa from all sides and the wind howled eerily, wanting to get in.’
    • ‘These holiday season signs seem eerily out of place in this grief-stricken city.’
    • ‘Some of the windows had shutters that were eerily creaking in the slight breeze.’
    • ‘I found myself in downtown Chicago and the city was eerily deserted.’
    • ‘The main complex loomed before them, eerily lit by the setting sun and the fire.’



/ˈirəlē/ /ˈɪrəli/