Definition of eff and blind in English:

eff and blind


informal British
  • Use vulgar expletives; swear.

    • ‘You can eff and blind all you want; the rules still stand’
    • ‘Far better, then, to get a whole bunch of ordinary people for him to humiliate and eff and blind at instead.’
    • ‘They never get in trouble when they eff and blind at home.’
    • ‘He used to eff and blind at me but he was a superb coach.’
    curse, blaspheme, utter profanities, utter oaths, be foul-mouthed, use bad language, use foul language, be blasphemous, take the Lord's name in vain, swear like a trooper, damn


    Blind from its use in expletives such as blind me (see blimey).