Definition of effervesce in English:



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  • 1(of a liquid) give off bubbles.

    ‘the waves seemed to effervesce as they swept by’
    • ‘You'll remember the sort of thing - drop something volatile in a beaker of acid and watch it whiz round and round, effervescing violently and smelling of bad eggs.’
    effervesce, sparkle, bubble, froth, foam, seethe
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  • 2Be vivacious and enthusiastic.

    ‘managers are supposed to effervesce with praise and encouragement’
    sparkle, be vivacious, be lively, be animated, be ebullient, be exuberant, be bubbly, be effervescent, be sparkling, be witty, be brilliant, be enthusiastic, be full of life
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Early 18th century from Latin effervescere, from ex- ‘out, up’ + fervescere ‘begin to boil’ (from fervere ‘be hot, boil’).