Definition of efficiency apartment in English:

efficiency apartment

(also efficiency)


  • An apartment in which one room typically contains the kitchen, living, and sleeping quarters, with a separate bathroom.

    • ‘The gigantic, glaring false assumption is that all minimum wage workers live by themselves in an efficiency apartment or larger accommodations, paying exactly the average price in the marketplace.’
    • ‘Living in cabins and a trailer park while constantly searching for that mythical affordable efficiency apartment, she also ended up overspending at the ubiquitous weekly motels that provide housing for so many of the working poor.’
    • ‘On one unforgettable evening, four of us sat elbow-to-elbow around a small table in an efficiency apartment, each typing field notes into a laptop.’
    • ‘The two of them shared a cramped efficiency apartment in the center of town, where they spent most of their time falling over each other.’


efficiency apartment