Definition of effing in English:


adjective & adverb

  • Used as a euphemism for ‘fucking’, for emphasis or to express annoyance.

    ‘give me an effing break!’
    ‘he is an effing awful prime minister’
    • ‘By the final, he just looked effing exhausted.’
    • ‘They just happen to be the best rockers in the whole effing world.’
    • ‘You have got to be effing joking!’
    • ‘The censors should effing well think again.’
    • ‘And I can't find the effing passports.’
    • ‘It's effing freezing out there!’
    • ‘You're not my effing boyfriend!’
    • ‘She told me with a big sparkle in her eyes that her husband was effing gorgeous.’
    • ‘How do you cretinous imbeciles manage to lose your effing shoes when you're out for a walk?’
    • ‘I found him mumbling under his breath about the cheap effing computers that the company bought!’