Definition of effluence in English:



  • 1A substance that flows out from something.

    • ‘Big cities and towns such as Sofia and Stara Zagora are the main culprits - they don't have adequate water treatment facilities and often outflow their effluence into small rivers with very little dilution.’
    • ‘While we treat 80,000 cubic meters of effluence, the company has capacity to treat only half of the effluence.’
    • ‘Sir Joseph Bazalgette's solution helped solve the problem with his 82-mile system of tunnels and pumping stations to cope with the effluence.’
    • ‘First of all, it should be made clear that in this type of case, the effluence is not really the problem.’
    • ‘Turns out the friend's job is to sweep up the elephant effluence.’
    • ‘Water supply has been erratic, while the water itself has been of questionable standards and the sewerage systems have frequently failed through blockages, with effluence spewing into the streets.’
    • ‘In a few cases these have been caused by specific industrial pollution, but most are the result of organic pollution caused by domestic effluence.’
    • ‘In this case the polluter is forced to ‘pay’ either through a tax that is equivalent to the ‘pollution costs’ per unit of output or per unit of effluence.’
    discharge, emission, release, outflow, outflowing, outpouring, outrush, rush, flood, deluge, spurt, jet, cascade, stream, torrent, gush
    1. 1.1mass noun The action of flowing out.
      ‘It is a continuous process, like the effluence of light from a lamp.’
      ‘They tend to prove the simultaneous affluence and effluence of the electric matter, a doctrine long since espoused, and very well supported by our author.’


Late Middle English from medieval Latin effluentia, from Latin effluere ‘flow out’, from ex- ‘out’ + fluere ‘to flow’.