Definition of effluxion in English:



  • 1

    (also efflux)
    The passing of time, in particular when leading to the expiration of an agreement or contract.

    ‘the tenancy ended by effluxion of time’
    • ‘This is not the sort of evidence that will suffer by way of effluxion of time.’
    • ‘I reject the submission that the right to apply lapsed through effluxion of time.’
    • ‘It follows that on August 17, 1979, the plaintiff's action was not barred by the effluxion of time.’
    • ‘Despite the effluxion of almost two years, the arbitration has not yet really got off the starting line.’
    • ‘With the effluxion of 42 years, it has been difficult to contact many of the creditors with death, bankruptcies and relocations intervening.’
  • 2 archaic The action of flowing out.

    ‘This showed that George had died at 1.30 PM on October 4 from ‘effluxion of blood into the left side of the chest.’’
    • ‘Hence, the effluxion is prevented and it helps to increase the pressure of the incompressible hydraulic fluid.’



/eˈfləkSHən/ /ɛˈfləkʃən/


Early 17th century from French, or from late Latin effluxio(n-), from effluere ‘flow out’.