Definition of effluxion in English:



mass noun
  • 1Law
    The expiration of a limited-time agreement or contract.

    ‘the tenancy ended by effluxion of time’
    • ‘This is not the sort of evidence that will suffer by way of effluxion of time.’
    • ‘I reject the submission that the right to apply lapsed through effluxion of time.’
    • ‘It follows that on August 17, 1979, the plaintiff's action was not barred by the effluxion of time.’
    • ‘Despite the effluxion of almost two years, the arbitration has not yet really got off the starting line.’
    • ‘With the effluxion of 42 years, it has been difficult to contact many of the creditors with death, bankruptcies and relocations intervening.’
  • 2archaic The action of flowing out.

    ‘This showed that George had died at 1.30 PM on October 4 from ‘effluxion of blood into the left side of the chest.’’
    ‘Hence, the effluxion is prevented and it helps to increase the pressure of the incompressible hydraulic fluid.’


Early 17th century from French, or from late Latin effluxio(n-), from effluere ‘flow out’.