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  • 1 literary Shining brightly; radiant.

    ‘Even in this instance, it shined through like the effulgent, yet blinding sun, eminently spreading the glow into the unsuspecting eyes of a person not protected by the shade of the trees.’
    • ‘In the night sky, nothing is brighter and more effulgent than the moon.’
    • ‘He who meditates becomes united with the effulgent Sun.’
    • ‘The soul is 10,000 times more effulgent than the sun, but the covering of ignorance is so strong that we appear to be like dead matter.’
    • ‘As I write I can still see the slender threads of gold emanating from an effulgent sun spreading over the feet of the ascending Christ like the sheerest fiber from a spider's web.’
    shining, light, brilliant, vivid, blazing, dazzling, beaming, intense, glaring
    1. 1.1(of a person or their expression) emanating joy or goodness.
      ‘standing there was my father with the most effulgent smile on his face’
      • ‘He inhabits one of those effulgent personalities that transcends whatever it is he is supposed to be doing, along with an ebullient fan base and a well-promoted ordinary blokiness that charms men and mums alike.’
      • ‘When I succeeded Archbishop Tutu many questions were being asked as to how this relatively unknown young man was going to fill the shoes of such an effulgent personality.’
      • ‘People used to explain me as an effulgent person.’
      • ‘After this he quickly returned and prostrated himself once more before the effulgent brothers.’
      • ‘On the other hand, Fonteyn in all her effulgent glory is caught extreme and wonderful.’



/əˈfo͝oljənt/ /əˈfʊldʒənt/ /əˈfəljənt/ /əˈfəldʒənt/


Mid 18th century (earlier (mid 17th century) as effulgence): from Latin effulgent- ‘shining brightly’, from the verb effulgere, from ex- ‘out’ + fulgere ‘to shine’.