Definition of egesta in English:


plural noun

  • Waste matter discharged from the body, especially faeces and urine.

    ‘his egesta were often tinged with blood’
    • ‘It feeds, if we may judge from its egesta, upon slime or moistened clay.’
    • ‘Mild laxatives are most frequently requisite to preserve a right balance between the ingesta and the egesta.’
    • ‘A man who indulges his appetite without reserve, and without proper attention to exercise and the state of his egesta, will often experience depression.’
    • ‘After a week you will need to collect the stick insect, its eggs, its egesta and the uneaten leaves.’
    • ‘The weight of a working full-grown horse does not vary from day to day, as the weight of its egesta is equal to that of its food.’
    faeces, excreta, stools, droppings


Early 18th century Latin, neuter plural of egestus, past participle of egerere ‘expel’.