Definition of egg-and-spoon race in English:

egg-and-spoon race


  • A race, typically run by children, in which each runner has to hold an egg balanced in a spoon.

    • ‘Activities at the family day included beach cricket, sand castle building, sack races and egg-and-spoon races.’
    • ‘Maybe he felt like he was watching his son win the egg-and-spoon race at his school.’
    • ‘I was conditioned to think this from primary school, when I would always be jeered at and picked last for teams and relegated to the sack or egg-and-spoon races in the interschool athletics, and was once hit in the face with a softball.’
    • ‘When shooting, the camera is satisfyingly responsive, with quick autofocus and minimal shutter delay - so there is no excuse for missing that shot of little Johnny's egg-and-spoon race.’
    • ‘When did this dreadful mentality invade our minds, turning the passion to be the best into another sports day egg-and-spoon race, with no finishing line and certificates for all?’


egg-and-spoon race