Definition of egg-eating snake in English:

egg-eating snake


(also egg-eater)
  • An Old World snake that swallows birds' eggs. It has weak teeth, and breaks shells with sawlike projections inside the gullet.

    Subfamily Dasypeltinae, family Colubridae: genus Dasypeltis (of Africa, in particular the widespread D. scabra), and Elachistodon westermanni (of India)

    ‘But no egg-eaters could eat all of the dinosaurs' eggs; they would eat themselves into extinction if they did (they would have no more food).’
    • ‘Predators were rarely sighted, but in one case, a common egg-eater snake was found in a nest, feeding on the eggs.’
    • ‘A fully grown Egg Eater grows to a size of 60-76cm (24-30 inches) in length.’
    • ‘This dove's egg contains all the goodness that the egg eating snake requires to live.’
    • ‘The African egg-eating snake is a popular pet in the United States.’


egg-eating snake

/eɡ ēdiNG snāk/ /ɛɡ idɪŋ sneɪk/