Definition of egg-shaped in English:



  • Having the oval shape of an egg.

    ‘a variety with white flowers and egg-shaped fruits’
    • ‘The final winner was a Frenchman, whose egg-shaped design was promptly criticised on all sides.’
    • ‘Asteroids have more elongated or egg-shaped orbits bringing some of them onto paths which cross the Earth's orbit.’
    • ‘The sail is egg-shaped, 30ft long, and eight feet wide.’
    • ‘People with egg-shaped or oval faces can get away with almost any type of frame.’
    • ‘Discontinued in 1998, Tamagotchi was an egg-shaped, pocket-sized gadget with a cartoon pet that appeared on a screen.’
    • ‘The firing of the main engine will brake the spacecraft, slowing and curving its trajectory into an egg-shaped orbit around the planet.’
    • ‘A wisp of blond hair hung under his receding chin and an egg-shaped raspberry mole dotted his left cheek.’
    • ‘The interior decor is quite cool, and innovative, particularly the egg-shaped toilets.’
    • ‘Blue-eyed, white-haired and 5ft 10 in, he is rather taller than the sleuth, who is small and egg-shaped.’
    • ‘He visited his GP after discovering an egg-shaped lump and was referred to hospital where a biopsy diagnosed the cancer.’
    • ‘The small egg-shaped bulb gives rise to a long flower stalk upon which globe-shaped purple-red flowers are produced.’
    • ‘A pleasing confederation of curves, the Cornish rex has a long, graceful neck that leads to a comparatively small, narrow, somewhat egg-shaped head.’
    • ‘I am getting an egg-shaped bruise.’
    egg-shaped, ovoid, ovate, oviform, elliptical, ellipsoidal