Definition of eggcup in English:



  • A small cup for holding a boiled egg upright while it is being eaten.

    • ‘A knife and spoon would naturally go with an egg cup, for example, and to make a really good shot, you would soft boil an egg, place it in the egg cup, slice the top off and place that slightly to the right side of the cutlery items.’
    • ‘The egg may be broken into a bowl, then buttered and salted; or set in an egg cup, small end up, in which case the shell is circularly crackled by tapping with the back of a knife half an inch below the tip, then opened with a thrust of the blade.’
    • ‘She really is a photogenic little girl, and loved her trophy, she calls it her little egg cup, and her picture takes pride of place on our wall at home.’
    • ‘I never knew that anyone ate soft-boiled eggs any other way until years later - when I noticed that she ate them from an egg cup.’
    • ‘By the time he was 14 his grandmother - who used to drink secretly all day from an egg cup - was giving him a nip to warm him up for his morning paper round.’
    • ‘It is said that if a large bucket of water were to represent the sea on the planet, an egg cup full would represent the amount of water locked in ice caps and glaciers.’
    • ‘The meeting commences at 8pm and the competition for the night is for the arrangement of spring flowers in an egg cup.’
    • ‘He travelled with English marmalade, an egg cup and insisted on English mustard.’
    • ‘If you do not have a radiator burner, then place the diluted oil in a small egg cup and put it on top of the radiator.’
    • ‘Sadly, as a joke, he'd bought one for me which was the size of an egg cup, so it wouldn't fit.’
    • ‘I mean, what other egg dish requires the use of its own little throne, giving me the occasion and joy of whipping out my designer egg cup, complete with matching spoon and integrated salt dispenser?’
    • ‘The way it's served gives it the attention it deserves: Perched in a 1930s egg cup, it becomes an irresistible emerald caviar.’
    • ‘Don told me about dinner parties he gave in the fifties for his artist and poet friends, when he served asparagus with a soft boiled egg in an egg cup and the spears were dipped into the yolk.’
    • ‘The materials required are an epoxy resin and hardener, two syringes, a quarter inch flat artist's brush, razor knife, and an egg cup lined with aluminium kitchen foil.’
    • ‘It is critical that equal amounts of resin and hardener are mixed in the egg cup.’
    • ‘But what I got were two plates, two cereal bowls, one egg cup and… a skipping rope!’
    • ‘So he boiled an egg. Once he deduced it to be ready, he removed it, cracked it open and carefully placed it on his recently purchased egg cup.’
    • ‘The rabbits featured on baby bowls, plates, mugs, egg cups, jugs, and even teapots, as well as a whole range of rabbit figures too.’
    • ‘If you are artistic, why not purchase a set of plain white ceramic egg cups, tea cups or plain glasses which are extremely inexpensive.’
    • ‘The paint on the railings and the lamp standards is becoming very faded and the gold paint has all but disappeared, in fact, the once golden pineapples on the railings are starting to resemble boiled eggs in egg cups!’



/ˈeɡˌkəp/ /ˈɛɡˌkəp/