Definition of eggs Benedict in English:

eggs Benedict

plural noun

  • A dish consisting of poached eggs and sliced ham on toasted muffins, covered with hollandaise sauce.

    • ‘I like men who eat properly, who like their steak bloody, their eggs Benedict runny.’
    • ‘Traditional breakfast fare, such as bacon, sausage and eggs Benedict, is made in advance and kept in warming trays.’
    • ‘On Christmas morning she'll be at her daughter's, tucking into a brunch of eggs Benedict, bacon, sausages and waffles.’
    • ‘Crisp English muffins, slices of smoky Canadian bacon, delicate poached eggs, butter-rich hollandaise-the layers of classic eggs Benedict are rather grand.’
    • ‘He praises the omelettes, saying they are ‘works of art’ and the eggs Benedict are spot-on and the puds are terrific.’


Late 19th century of uncertain origin.


eggs Benedict

/ɛɡz ˈbɛnɪdɪkt/