Definition of eggshell blond in English:

eggshell blond

(also eggshell blonde)


humorousAustralian, New Zealand
  • A bald man.

    ‘I told him he was my favourite eggshell blond’
    • ‘I have often wondered how Charlie replies to the question on official forms where it says 'Colour of hair'; I would submit that the most appropriate answer would be 'Eggshell blonde'.’
    • ‘He was in his thirties and, like so many Australian athletes, an eggshell blonde.’
    • ‘As a fellow "Skinhead" may I say I am sure we will all miss very much our eggshell blond with the soft centre.’
    • ‘The only good thing was that, with his clean shaven head—an egg-shell blond we called it at home—nobody had recognised him.’
    • ‘A man who was totally bald, a real egg-shell blond, was looking in the mirror.’