Definition of ego ideal in English:

ego ideal


  • 1Psychoanalysis
    (in Freudian theory) the part of the mind which imposes on itself concepts of ideal behavior developed from parental and social standards.

    • ‘Freud considered that, in mania, the split between the ego-ideal and the ego was abolished.’
    • ‘In psychoanalytic terms, the scale indicates the extent to which parents serve as their child's identification object or ego-ideal, as well as the degree to which parental authority is viewed as an instrument of learning.’
    • ‘The therapist becomes internalized in place of the existing ego-ideal, which is based on past identification with others, perhaps the parents; then the analysand become less guilty.’
    • ‘We may understand this narcissistic play with the demonic-benevolent mother to present a reality check on the part of the child, in this way securing for itself a new existential dimension - the ego-ideal.’
    • ‘Once the ego-ideal is clearly distinguished from the super-ego, it becomes possible to make sense of much that formerly remained obscure in psychoanalytic theory.’
    1. 1.1(in general use) an idealized conception of oneself.
      • ‘Walker achieves manhood and moral agency by conforming to his ego-ideal, the Asian American activist.’
      • ‘Audiences seek to model themselves on their screen ego-ideals, and companies capitalize on this identification process.’
      • ‘I pay for the cab fare and footwear by being an actual writer - no longer as a hazy ego ideal or TV-based lifestyle aspiration, but as a sometimes gratifying, often grueling, seldom sufficiently remunerative job.’
      • ‘Cinema-goers flock to fantastical movies to live vicariously through their ego ideals.’
      • ‘When we spend time in cyberspace, we are not quite ourselves; we may come as close as possible to attaining the ego-ideal.’