Definition of egocentrically in English:



See egocentric

  • ‘So if God is the big center, and then God tells you - through a priest, through a scripture, through a dogma - that the infidel must be destroyed, then you'll obey, and you'll act just as egocentrically as you project that God is.’
  • ‘It is my hope that people will learn valuable lessons, calculate less for self-interest, and think less egocentrically, with more humanitarian considerations, so that separated families in all parts of the world might reunite again.’
  • ‘As people will tend to obsess or view information egocentrically, how objective one's perspective is on this recently conceived information helps apply it to whatever it may be at hand.’
  • ‘‘Because we know we're trying to be sarcastic or funny, we egocentrically assume our audience will, as well,’ he says.’
  • ‘Because they view themselves and others so critically, they egocentrically believe that others are viewing them critically as well.’