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  • A heron with mainly white plumage, having long plumes in the breeding season.

    Genus Egretta (and Bubulcus), family Ardeidae: several species

    ‘The island also attracts a variety of wading birds such as herons and egrets and many songbirds.’
    • ‘The result is the area has become a wildlife sanctuary with otters returning, and residents including white egrets, herons, kestrels and dozens of wild flowers.’
    • ‘Despite the setting, we didn't see any waterfowl or shorebirds - no herons or egrets, no ducks or geese.’
    • ‘We paddled right under the canopy of trees overhanging the banks and got close encounters with egrets, herons, storks and some brilliant kingfishers.’
    • ‘I look for egrets or herons - they are often standing knee deep in the water - but they've gone south by now.’



/ˈēɡrət/ /ˈiɡrət/ /ˈēˌɡret/ /ˈiˌɡrɛt/


Middle English from Old French aigrette, from Provençal aigreta, from the Germanic base of heron.