Definition of Egyptian cobra in English:

Egyptian cobra


  • A large nocturnal African cobra with a thick body and large head.

    Naja haje, family Elapidae

    • ‘She would not live this way, so history says she had an asp, which was an Egyptian cobra, brought to her hidden in a basket of figs.’
    • ‘Most of them use the hooded cobra, and in Egypt the most popular species is the aggressive Egyptian cobra, which can grow to a length of almost eight feet and looks most impressive when it puffs up its hood.’
    • ‘By common consent, Cleopatra's ticket to oblivion would have been the Egyptian cobra.’
    • ‘The Egyptian cobra is one of the largest cobras of the African continent.’
    • ‘Visitors to North Africa today are most likely to see the Egyptian cobra being used by snake charmers as part of their performance.’