Definition of Egyptian vulture in English:

Egyptian vulture


  • A small white vulture with black wing tips, common in much of southern Eurasia and Africa.

    Neophron percnopterus, family Accipitridae

    • ‘The Fuji World of Hawks show starred Angel and Hawkeye, two Harris hawks, a gorgeous Malayan fish owl, a lagger falcon, red-tailed hawks, brahminy kites, a sea eagle, an Egyptian vulture, black Andean vultures and even adjutant storks.’
    • ‘Animal and human excrement are also significant parts of the diets of a few species, including Egyptian vultures and hooded vultures.’
    • ‘It draws kestrels, gray herons, falcons, and, for your life-list, occasional rare purple herons, Egyptian vultures, and oystercatchers.’
    • ‘On this 13-day tour you'll see imperial eagles, Egyptian vultures and Dalmatian pelicans, plus frescoed monasteries, Roman ruins and the monuments of the Thracian horsemen.’
    • ‘The Egyptian vulture, not content with rotten meat, also consumes cow and sheep feces.’