Definition of eh in English:


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  • Used to represent a sound made in speech in a variety of situations, in particular to ask for something to be repeated or explained or to elicit agreement.

    ‘“Eh? What's this?”’
    • ‘“Let's hope so, eh?”’
    • ‘Can I buy you fellas a beer while Alan and I farm a little, eh?’
    • ‘‘Look at that faucet, eh!’ exclaims a mother to her friend.’
    • ‘He had become hard of hearing and occasionally, with the sound of a distant lawn mower coming from outside, leaned forward to say ‘Eh?’
    what did you say, what, eh, I beg your pardon, beg pardon, sorry, excuse me, say again



/ā/ /eɪ/


Natural utterance: first recorded in English in the mid 16th century.