Definition of eident in English:



Scottish, Northern Irish
  • Diligent; industrious.

    ‘a gifted and eident pupil’
    • ‘The same officer leant an eident ear to a pipe band playing in the square.’
    • ‘The bumble bee or the blue-bottle can't compare to the eident honey bees going about their day with no fuss.’
    • ‘She was always an eident, working woman.’
    • ‘In they went in the Saturday crush, full of soldiers, bairns, folk from the country, and an eident wife with a big shopping bag buying up tins of plums.’
    • ‘Sarah has been an incisive critic of my work, an unequalled friend in moments of self-doubt, and an eident copy-editor.’
    • ‘He was presumably an eident laddie at his job and was put in charge.’


Early 16th century Scots variant of obsolete ithand from Old Norse iðinn ‘assiduous, diligent’.