Definition of eider in English:


(also eider duck)

nouneider, eiders

  • A northern sea duck, of which the male is mainly black-and-white with a coloured head, and the female brown.

    Genus Somateria (and Polysticta), family Anatidae: four species

    • ‘Sea ducks like scoters and eiders are also divers.’
    • ‘Both of these types are plentiful on the Cape, as are sea ducks, such as scoters and eiders, viewable from many vantage points.’
    • ‘They frequently nest in colonies, often in association with eiders.’
    • ‘Terns and eiders had been disturbed, while eiders had been doubly hit because the pickers were depleting the mussel beds on which they feed.’
    • ‘Primary predators for these eiders were large gulls, and occasionally evidence of mammalian predation was found.’


Late 17th century from Icelandic æthur, from Old Norse æthr.