Definition of eigenfunction in English:



Mathematics Physics
  • Each of a set of independent functions which are the solutions to a given differential equation.

    • ‘In this thesis he studied the representation of arbitrary functions by the eigenfunctions of partial differential equations and other given sets of functions.’
    • ‘Within the next three years Stone published 10 more papers on various aspects of the theory of orthogonal expansions, especially expansions in terms of eigenfunctions of linear differential equations.’
    • ‘From 1939 Titchmarsh concentrated on the theory of series expansions of eigenfunctions of differential equations, work which helped to resolve problems in quantum mechanics.’
    • ‘In these papers a special role is played by expansions in terms of the eigenfunctions of linear differential operators.’
    • ‘In those cases, we see two eigenfunctions with approximately the same statistical wavelength and usually with similar eigenvalues and relative spectral power.’