Definition of eightfold path in English:

eightfold path


  • The path to nirvana, comprising eight aspects in which an aspirant must become practised: right views, intention, speech, action, livelihood, effort, mindfulness, and concentration.

    • ‘Susan, Buddhism is so popular today, and one gets the feeling that the reason is it offers a straightforward path, the eightfold path.’
    • ‘He taught the four truths of suffering, its cause, and the cessation of suffering by means of the eightfold path.’
    • ‘Why not also hang up the eightfold path of Buddhism, a saying from a Native American, a line from Plato, a quote from Emerson and a verse from the Sermon on the Mount?’
    • ‘Some Buddhists may maintain that all the teachings and instruments used to follow the dharma way are ultimately dispensable, even the eightfold path itself.’
    • ‘The eightfold path, often depicted as a circle with eight spokes, offers guidance for daily living.’