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ordinal number

  • 1Constituting number eight in a sequence; 8th.

    ‘in the eighth century’
    • ‘the eighth of September’
    • ‘seven men admitted conspiracy, an eighth admitted assisting an offender’
    • ‘As the Byzantines gradually lost control of Italy in the eighth century, a number of cities began to emerge as more or less independent powers.’
    • ‘This graveyard is an ancient site dating back to the eighth century at least as depicted by the burial of an unknown bishop buried in the eighth century.’
    • ‘In the eighth century BC there must have been lots of large villages in the Central Mediterranean populated by refugees and runaways.’
    • ‘Archaeological evidence suggests that the area has been inhabited since the eighth century.’
    • ‘Founded in the eighth century, its soaring, spired silhouette is as celebrated an image of France as the Eiffel Tower.’
    • ‘It grew quickly, and by the eighth century it had tall buildings and was crowded with people.’
    • ‘The history of this craft goes back to the eighth century, and was imported into Japan from China.’
    • ‘They have just celebrated their eighth year at number one.’
    • ‘The eighth century had seen the regional kingdoms and larger monasteries of Britain and Ireland became major landowners and economic powers.’
    • ‘The islands were colonized by Africans in the eighth century.’
    • ‘When the Moors conquered most of the known world in the eighth century, they used a special technique to aid their cause.’
    • ‘Tea was introduced to Japan as early as the eighth century from China, where it was used for medicinal reasons.’
    • ‘The Moors invaded Spain in the eighth century, and much of the Spanish language derives from Arabic.’
    • ‘Founded in the eighth century, it has long been a cultural, artistic, and religious centre.’
    • ‘In the eighth century, another earthquake struck, but by that time the city had been abandoned.’
    • ‘Since the eighth century his poetry and life story have been familiar to every educated Chinese.’
    • ‘He's also the eighth goaltender to start the playoffs for the Flyers in eight years.’
    • ‘Liverpool have the eighth best goalscoring record and the seventh best defensive record.’
    • ‘Jenson Button dedicated his eighth podium finish of the season to his sick grandfather after a fine drive in the Italian Grand Prix at Monza.’
    • ‘The players still think they can make a run at the eighth seed in the playoffs.’
    1. 1.1an eighth/one eighthEach of eight equal parts into which something is or may be divided.
      ‘an eighth of an inch’
      • ‘Cut apples into halves, quarters or eighths to explain fractions or use nickels, dimes and quarters to teach children percentages.’
      • ‘Cut each peach in half, remove the stone and cut into quarters or eighths, depending on the size.’
      • ‘If you cut one sandwich in halves, another in quarters, and another in eighths, the kids can see the relationship between 1/2 and 2/4 and 4 / 8.’
      • ‘Traditional inch-pound bar sizes are the bar's diameter in eighths of an inch; metric bar sizes are the bar's diameter in millimeters.’
      • ‘Finding one, he set down the apple on the counter near the small window and began to slice it into pieces; first into halves, then into quarters, and then into eighths.’
      • ‘Cut the lemon into eighths, and lightly crush the whole garlic cloves so that they just crack open.’
      • ‘He tore the pages in halves, then fourths, then eighths.’
      • ‘Then, to my surprise, he tore the photograph in half, then fourths, then eighths and threw it in the garbage basket beside his bed.’
      • ‘The number indicates the diameter of the tube in eighths of an inch.’
      • ‘Slice one lime (two if they are small) into eighths and squeeze the juice into a cocktail shaker, dropping the squeezed-out slices into a tall glass.’
      • ‘‘We're over seven eighths of the way there,’ said Blitz. ‘And I've got us a final job that should take us up to the total.’’
      • ‘No one has managed to cut a tablet into eighths without reducing it to powder.’
      • ‘Vanessa took the card out of her pocket, ripped it into eighths and sprinkled them onto the table.’
      • ‘There were two stands of forest, an eighth of a mile away.’
      • ‘After watching today, I think we've got another eighth of a mile coming.’
      • ‘And cannabis has fallen by around a third, from £15 per eighth of an ounce to £10.’
      • ‘The brass must be around an eighth of an inch thick.’
    2. 1.2The eighth finisher or position in a race or competition.
      ‘she finished eighth of the eleven runners’
      • ‘It finished eighth in the competition.’
      • ‘O'Sullivan finished eighth in the Scottish race, and admitted she was struggling for fitness after the strains of running in London.’
      • ‘Preston was back for the Championship race where he finished eighth after dropping out early with canopy problems.’
      • ‘He fared poorly during qualifying but moved from 27th to eighth during the race.’
      • ‘He took the first of his three victories and eventually finished eighth in the point standings.’
      • ‘The revamped unit finished eighth in the league this season in points allowed.’
      • ‘The former British champion finished eighth in the series with one win after his debut season with Alfa Romeo.’
      • ‘Last year, started 14th, finished eighth.’
      • ‘The following season Norwich failed to build on the foundations they had created and finished a disappointing eighth.’
      • ‘Last year Garcia achieved his best placing in the Open when he finished tied eighth.’
      • ‘He even tried his hand at the 1500, finishing eighth in 15: 35.35.’
      • ‘Gordon inched his way closer to the top 10 in points by finishing eighth at Indy.’
      • ‘She's also ranked eighth in a graduating class of 415 with a 5.286 grade point average.’
      • ‘Their comparative lack of match practice could explain why they are ranked a lowly eighth in the world.’
      • ‘Taiwan is ranked eighth of the 44 competing nations.’
      • ‘And suddenly, we're eighth in the table, seven points behind Arsenal.’
      • ‘"We're eighth in the table on the same number of points as Chelsea.’
      • ‘You have to say we have done magnificently to be lying eighth in a very competitive league.’
      • ‘The team has climbed to eighth in the league in the important category of opponents' field goal percentage.’
      • ‘Australia also continued to do well, ranking eighth overall.’



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