Definition of eighth note in English:

eighth note


North American Music
  • A note having the time value of an eighth of a semibreve or half a crotchet, represented by a large dot with a hooked stem; a quaver.

    • ‘Some passages do incorporate sixteenth notes and eighth notes with dotted quarters following.’
    • ‘Prior to learning the notes, students need to tap and count the rhythm, incorporating all accents and dynamics, with the metronome set to the eighth note.’
    • ‘Half-way through the book there is a message that the eighth notes should be played as swinging eighths with the note on the beat longer and the note on the off-beat shorter.’
    • ‘Two of the gardens, planted with flowers and shrubs that attract butterflies and birds, are whimsically designed in the shape of a violin and two eighth notes.’
    • ‘Rarely does any one instrumentalist subdivide the rhythm beyond the equivalent of an eighth note of the main pulse.’


eighth note