Definition of either way in English:

either way


  • Whichever of two given alternatives is the case.

    ‘they may leave or they may accept the change, but either way, it'll take some work on your end’
    • ‘Give your all to one or the other, either way you'll be a great performer!’
    • ‘Whether or not the plutocrats will be swayed remains to be seen, but either way BMW has given it its best.’
    • ‘Suing for libel is much easier in the UK than in the USA, but either way you would not want it to happen.’
    • ‘All it takes is a telephone call, either to the council or local councillor, either way it will be removed.’
    • ‘They can use it or not, but that's all they get, and he gets paid either way.’
    • ‘He had his family's blessing, but says he would have made the break either way.’
    • ‘If you are motivated by money alone then I think you're likely to be disappointed either way.’
    • ‘It was either give in now or give in later, either way I was going to give in.’
    • ‘Seeing as he's going to gaol either way, he may as well make a bit of money out of it.’
    • ‘She might be guilty or she might be innocent but either way at least someone has been held to account.’