Definition of ejaculate in English:



  • 1no object (of a man or male animal) eject semen from the body at the moment of sexual climax.

    emit semen
    emit, eject, discharge, release, expel, excrete, disgorge, exude, spout, shoot out, squirt out, spew out, spurt out
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  • 2dated with direct speech Say something quickly and suddenly.

    ‘‘That will do!’ he ejaculated’
    • ‘‘Gratitude!’ he ejaculated; and added wildly - ‘Jane, accept me quickly. Say, Edward - give me my name - Edward - I will marry you.’’
    • ‘‘Hermione,’ he ejaculated loudly, his voice cracking, ‘I love you.’’
    • ‘‘Silly fellow,’ she ejaculated. ‘It's only a momentary pain.’’
    • ‘‘A good age,’ she ejaculated suddenly, turning round restlessly on her chair.’
    exclaim, cry out, call out, yell, sing out, utter suddenly, blurt out
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mass noun
  • Semen that has been ejected from the body.

    ‘this fluid comprises between ten and 20 per cent of the total ejaculate’
    count noun ‘there are an estimated 300 million sperms in each ejaculate’


Late 16th century from Latin ejaculat- ‘darted out’, from the verb ejaculari, from e- (variant of ex-) ‘out’ + jaculari ‘to dart’ (from jaculum ‘dart, javelin’, from jacere ‘to throw’).