Definition of ejector in English:



  • A device that causes something to be removed or to drop out.

    ‘support guides fitted with ejectors assist in the removal of the board under test’
    • ‘A touch is all that is needed to lube delicate trigger mechanisms, firing pins, ejectors, extractors and springs.’
    • ‘The rifle is equipped with ejectors that throw the empty cases clear of the gun when the action is opened.’
    • ‘Here is a close-up of the three lugged bolt, slotted for a mechanical ejector and the beefy claw extractor.’
    • ‘Some ultra-conservative purists feel even internal hammers and automatic ejectors are going too far; the proper double, they say, should have external hammers and simple extractors.’
    • ‘The ship is fitted with two submerged signal ejectors, small vertical discharge tubes which can launch either acoustic or bubble decoys.’
    • ‘Double triggers and selective automatic ejectors are standard.’
    • ‘If your shotgun sports automatic ejectors, slide a couple of dummy shells into the chambers and make sure they will eject properly.’
    • ‘For example, many popular actions use spring-loaded plunger ejectors in the bolt face to eject spent cases.’
    • ‘A machined steel block has holes for both barrels, tracks for the ejectors and the barrel locking surfaces.’
    • ‘When pressures get high on rifles with plunger type ejectors, the case head actually deforms into the hole just a bit.’
    • ‘The ejector is a fixed mechanical type unlike the small, spring-loaded extractors of other design.’
    • ‘The extractor is large and sturdy, and the bolt features a plunger ejector.’
    • ‘The slot on the bolt face for the ejector is below the left locking lug.’
    • ‘When baled there is a chain ejector to allow for simple, trouble-free ejection from the chamber.’
    • ‘Mechanically, removable tubes function just like original barrels, even their ejectors or extractors work off the gun's primary ones.’
    • ‘The Grade I gun has extractors while the Grade II has ejectors.’
    • ‘The gun is fitted with automatic ejectors that proved positive in the field and can be easily disengaged if so desired.’
    • ‘The adapter accepts and positions a regular 1911 magazine for feeding and incorporates a little pin on the left side that serves as the new ejector.’
    • ‘An adjustable mold stop comes with an automatic ejector, and an adjustable mold clamp accommodates different mold thicknesses.’
    • ‘It will have an extractor to pull the fired shell out of the chamber, and an ejector to kick it out of the gun.’