Definition of ejector seat in English:

ejector seat


another term for ejection seat
  • ‘They will surely be telling me how to work the ejector seat and heat-seeking missiles any moment.’
  • ‘They put me on the front page, wearing a pilot's helmet, sitting in an old ejector seat out of a bomber and pretending to pull the release cord.’
  • ‘One of the airmen landed in the river still in his ejector seat but was able to deploy his dinghy, while the other drifted off downriver.’
  • ‘Everyone knows you've got to have an ejector seat.’
  • ‘The pilot of an experimental jet fighter became the first to leave his plane via an emergency ejector seat.’
  • ‘He was also sent to Yugoslavia to bring back an ejector seat from a German plane the partisans had shot down.’
  • ‘An ejector seat would probably start losing height before you cracked your head on the ceiling.’
  • ‘If she does, hopefully they'll fit it with an ejector seat which activates whenever the doors come open in mid-flight.’
  • ‘The ejector seat buttons seem to be stuck though.’
  • ‘In particular, she noticed the ejector seat button.’
  • ‘A test pilot made the first escape by ejector seat in Britain.’
  • ‘He was previously an aviation engineer, designing ejector seats for pilots.’


ejector seat

/ɪˈdʒɛktə siːt/