Definition of ejido in English:



  • (in Mexico) a piece of land farmed communally under a system supported by the state.

    as modifier ‘Mexico's unique ejido land tenancy system’
    • ‘‘There is no one left to defend the land,’ says Ángel, regarding a recent incident where a patch of trees had been cut down without the knowledge of the community - a direct violation of the ejido system of communal land use.’
    • ‘In the name of free-market reform, Mexico privatized the ejidos - communally held land dating back to the 1930s land reform - at the same time as it eliminated trade protections for small producers, driving millions from the land.’
    • ‘We have been late in making change in rural areas-we kept the community-owned ejido agricultural system for 90 years.’
    • ‘About half of the area is on ejidos, communal lands managed collectively by community groups formed after the Mexican Revolution.’
    • ‘For successful ranchers and ejidos situated in flat lands with coarse sandy soils, conversion to buffelgrass, followed by proper management, does not result in land degradation.’
    • ‘It is a pioneer village set up in the seventies, following the government expropriation of local private landowners to build the irrigation infrastructure and allocate land to ejidos.’
    • ‘In 1992, a land legislation reform authorized sales (with restrictions) and tenancy contracts (without restrictions) on ejido land.’


Mexican Spanish, from Spanish, denoting common land on the road leading out of the village.