Definition of elaborately in English:



  • In a detailed and carefully arranged manner.

    ‘elaborately decorated cakes’
    ‘the press conferences have become elaborately staged events’
    • ‘For the wealthier merchants, the exposed wood beams would be elaborately carved or shaped.’
    • ‘Nonetheless, the movie has great, elaborately choreographed fight scenes.’
    • ‘Rather than sketch an elaborately realistic background, Bainbridge provides glimpses of odd, unexplained snippets of daily life.’
    • ‘Rice can be as simple as steamed rice to a very elaborately prepared, richly flavoured and spiced biryani.’
    • ‘But he also makes elaborately costumed and staged studio photos that are based on Chinese myths and legends.’
    • ‘Certainly she's very blonde and elaborately made-up, but she's also disarmingly polite and articulate.’
    • ‘The novel has two wildly different narrators, and two elaborately intertwined stories.’
    • ‘This is one of the most thoroughly and elaborately designed movies I have ever seen - even more so than Anderson's last film.’
    • ‘These elaborately painted masks represent a pair of horned animals, each with a porcupine quill sprouting from its head.’
    • ‘The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources elaborately pledges that hunting opportunities are available to all, regardless of race, color, creed, sexual orientation, age or disability.’