Definition of elastic fibre in English:

elastic fibre


  • A yellowish fibre composed chiefly of elastin and occurring in networks or sheets which give elasticity to tissues in the body.

    ‘the fibrous capsule contains elastic fibres and sensory nerves’
    • ‘The capsule and trabeculae are composed of collagen and elastic fibers and some smooth muscle fibers.’
    • ‘Similarly, Yuan and colleagues reported that collagen and elastic fibers contribute to tissue elasticity during normal breathing.’
    • ‘The muscle layer becomes the dominant structure and is composed of smooth muscle and elastic fibers.’
    • ‘It has been demonstrated that lysozyme is increased in human pulmonary emphysema and preferentially binds to elastic fibers in the pulmonary parenchyma.’
    • ‘The changes in tissue mechanics were accompanied by deposition of collagen and elastic fibers in the alveolar septa.’